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Business Meeting Brings Change of Focus

Every year at the end of June BAPA holds both their Annual Board of Directors Meeting and their Annual Membership Business Meeting. This year the stakes were high. Both the membership roll and revenues have continued to drop for several years, and current resources are inadequate to run the organization in accordance with the requirements of our Bylaws.

Several key motions were discussed and adopted during the two 2005 Annual Meetings, allowing the organization to narrowly avert an option no one wanted to see–dissolution of an organization that for many was the first welcoming hand into the Bay Area pagan community.

What do These Changes Mean to BAPA Members, Friends, and Supporters?

Links to copies of the minutes from both the 2005 Annual BAPA Board of Directors Meeting and the 2005 Annual BAPA Membership Business Meeting are posted on the BAPA Newsletter page.

In summary, the changes are as follows, with the rationale for the changes indicated in bold italic:

  • An amendment was made to the Bylaws changing the minimum number of directors required from five to four; this change allows BAPA to continue to legally operate while reviewing and evaluating other business and service models.
  • Some operations and/or services will be temporarily suspended during the review process; these changes allow BAPA to focus remaining resources on activities that will help rebuild the organization.
  • Operations temporarily suspended include:
    • Monthly Gaia’s Gateways meetings, to be replace by seasonal “Special Gatherings.”
    • Publication and distribution of the BAPAN newsletter, to be replaced by a web-based newsletter.
    • Discontinuation of the BAPA phone line, to be replaced by web-based inquiry process.
    • Operations continued include:
      •, with the website playing a more central role in interaction with members, friends, and supporters.
      • BAPA Discussion Board.
      • BAPA mail service.

    We hope by late spring 2006 to call another Special Meeting of the membership to present and vote on recommendations for an invigorated role for BAPA within the Bay Area pagan community. Check the website for updates on our progress.

    Blessed Be,
    BAPA Board of Directors

About Us

Bay Area Pagan Assemblies (BAPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to the Pagan community of the greater San Francisco Bay Area (including Santa Cruz). Our BAPA's Mission is to serve the Pagan community as an information resource and to facilitate the practice of Pagan spirituality.

BAPA was started in 1989 by a group of local Pagans who saw a need in our community for a publicly-recognized Pagan service organization that served the entire Bay Area. An important concept of BAPA was that the organization would not focus on serving a specific Pagan religious group, but rather would embrace the many forms of Pagan worship. BAPA members represent a variety of traditions, including (but not limited to) various traditions of Wicca, Norse, Druidism, Umbanda, and Shamanism.

Since BAPA's inception, the organization has grown by leaps and bounds. As our membership grows, our network expands, giving us the ability to provide more services to our community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Any organization going through significant change benefits from fresh eyes and fresh ideas, and BAPA is no exception! We're looking for individuals to help with both organizational activities and the overall process of defining and implementing change. Please email Crystal if you're interested in helping out.

Services provided by BAPA include:
  • Information for Pagans and seekers on local groups and organizations.
  • Referrals to open circles, groves, and covens.
  • Seasonal "Special Gatherings" that celebrate pagan Sabbats.
  • A lending library, where members can borrow books and periodicals on Pagan topics.
  • Referrals to classes and workshops in Pagan lore and crafts.
Who are Pagans?

Pagans are people who belong to any of a number of nature-oriented religions, whose worship revolves around the cycles of the sun and moon. As Pagans, we believe in the immanence of divinity, not transcendence alone, and we see divinity in the feminine as well as the masculine.

There are many different Pagan religions, each with their own set of beliefs and practices, some of which may not agree completely with our definition. In general, however, Pagans are earth or nature-based in their religious practices, and believe we all have, within ourselves, the capacity to improve our conditions.